Since kick-starting my career, I have excelled in many types of roles, some of which include DevOps Engineer, Software Architect, and Full Stack Developer. While being involved in these roles, I was able to hone my skills while working on a diverse array of projects. I have been involved with DevOps tasks, from the first steps of building and managing networks, all the way to network alert management. I have built and designed production-ready scalable systems, and have had the opportunity to re-architect old technology stacks to more modern cloud-based systems in Docker and Kubernetes.

I have an undeniable passion for technology and am always striving to learn new technologies, not only to keep up with the pace of the industry, but also to satisfy my own personal drive. I always strive to introduce and implement the latest technology that can help systems perform better. My most recent endeavors include moving a platform over to Docker and Kubernetes, developing a DevOps Artificial Intelligence bot and bootstrapping my own startup. playing around with Big Data. I also strive to bring together technology with my other fields of interest, such as business and entrepreneurship.

The words to describe me: self-motivated, versatile, and passionate.